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    Account deletion

    This is your first post why the hell did you register?
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    2021-07-16 Recent Releases Rip
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    how to dump on GlideN64 r213c10d?

    Download the larger QT version of gliden64 WLT only contain new dev revisions. Go to hotkeys and add D for dump. Also turn of caching when dumping or it could be nasty.
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    "Static" RSP Interpreter Plugin

    Its an rsp. It should just be there
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    f zero x + Expansion kit - Fraudio's Texture Pack

    @farkas Please decrypt your download file of this thread will be deleted.
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    End of Freenode

    It was as if a billion voices cried out and were instantly silenced.
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    Feedback & support thread for

    Packs uploaded will contain information to the development thread if one exists. Packs will contain authors' information and link to their emutalk profile. HTC, HTS, DAT, packs will be archived with proper default file structure IE: (Plugin/GFX/cache) Thus remember to backup and overwrite...
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    Oot community pack HTC

    HTS added to v6 community thread.
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    Link to nightly builds added
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    Tutorial: How to load a HTS

    HTS loads Hires_textures instantly on emulation start provided the file is placed in the correct location. IE plugin/cache. Place the .HTS file in your Plugin/Cache folder. (Djipi's HTC files will not work in GLideN64 newer than 4.0) Settings should be as such: Use file storage instead of...
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    Dolby and PJ64

    That's a question for @Azimer
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    2021-06-04 Recent Releases

    For a moment i thought i read
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    Project 64 games with 3ds graphics?

    @Ultimatium Clicky