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    I'm gonna try to put this as nicely as possible, but, uh, hmmm... You can already see by the title what this is gonna be about, so I might as well get it all out. WARNING extremely stupid rant below: Is it just me, or is Alexa999 kind of a pain in the butt? I joined this board a few days...
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    Its a sad day... (GBAC shut-down)

    Its official as the government, The Gameboy Advance Conspiracy has been shut down. Here's a link to the site: I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm going to miss them. I just hope they can hide long enough... Adam
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    Zelda Master Quest - all discussion here please

    Master Quest (Again) I know, I know, there have already been several threads on this game. But this one is different. I'm wondering if anyone has made an entry in the Project 64 Database? I tryed to enter it, but I have exactly NO CLUE how to do it. I also want to add cheats (I'm extremely...