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    "it's alive... alive"

    Hi, First thanks to a all people who support me last months. nSX2 isn't dead. I decided to take time until the next realease. I don't know when the next version will come out for many reasons : - I have less time than before. - PS2 is a complex system. The current version has beed fully...
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    nSX2 is Alive

    Hi all <B>nSX2 isn"t dead</B>. I was on holyday last 2 weeks, and I didn't even look at my computer. I just played Zelda a lot , watching DVD , see friends & family, etc... I have to face a big private problem in the next weeks. I'm sorry to not post news as much I want. I have to see my...
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    Quick guide for loading ISO files with nSX2 v0.07.0

    I saw many messages about .elf files and I received more mails about them. Quick guide for loading ISO files with nSX2 v0.07.0 1)The .elf file are the executables of the demos/games.( like the .exe files in Win32 OS ) 2) To extract an ISO from the disk , use Isobuster (...
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    unreleased nSX2 v0.06

    Hi everybody Thanks to all people who support me. I 'll release a new version soon. What's new ? - Bug fix Everywhere ! :) - Input plugin Support - And other things.... I have almost 20 demos running... and you can play with space invaders :) Expect some screenshots soon.... SeeYah
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    About Next Version....

    Hi, I make a test with the GTK lib for the gui. I did it with dev-cpp, gtk 2.0 and sdl 1.2.4. It works great ( only the load menu works for now ) I'm afraid to lost the portability of my emu. The only port, I have is a BeOS port. I think, I use GTK for the next release. ( better for debug )...
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    neutrinoSX2 v0.04 released !!!

    Hi everybody a new version is available.( src and win32 port ) check this Comments and Idea are welcome. bye muad
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    neutrinoSX2 v0.03 released !!!

    Check the main site for changes the source and a win32 version is available in the download section CODERS I'm waiting for you... ;)
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    Hi, This a screenshot of the unreleased version of nSX2 with the new version of the GSSoft pluggin. As you can see, I try to code a gui. A+
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    nSX2 Team ?

    First thanks to all people who support me ! I feel alone so If you want nSX2 work better, join the nSX2 team. I need serious people : - a ps2 developper - a C coder Feel free to leave a message even if you ar'nt a guru coder. :) It's not a competition with other PS2 Emu team. I just want...