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    SharpBoy v0.3

    Category: <b>Gameboy</b><br><br>SharpBoy is good but still new Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator for windows by the talented Zelda hacker xdaniel written in C# using OpenTK. Here's the changelog:v0.3 (May 11th 2011) Switched rendering from using SlimDX to OpenTK, SlimDX Runtimes...
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    1964mod v1.4.3

    Category: <b>Nintendo 64</b><br><br>The great N64 emulator fork <a href="" target="ya">1964mod</a>, which is based on the last released <a href="" target="ya">1964 1.1 source</a>, has been updated! <b>Core Changes...
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    bZSNES v1.51

    Category: <b>Emulators</b><br><br>byuu released his newest emulation project: a <a href="" title="ZSNES Home Page" target="_blank">ZSNES</a> emulator, named bZSNES. You can see the full feature list, some screenshots, and download the first release on the <a...
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    bsnes v077

    Category: <b>SNES</b><br><br>News via AEP byuu has released a new version of his highly accurate SNES emulator bsnes. Quote: bsnes v077 released 2011-03-16 Changelog: * video filters and shaders now populate inside main menu; no longer have to select them as files * fixed 2xSaI, Super...
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    Loulof Loulovski's Banjo-Kazooie HD

    Thanks to the guys over at the Rarewitchproject I found out about a Banjo Kazooie High Resolution Project of the French User Loulof Loulovski. It's a project worth showing here! Pictures: Videos: Download: Emulation King Share you opinion of...
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    1964mod v1.4.2(beta)

    Category: <b>Nintendo 64</b><br><br>The 1964 derivate 1964mod has been updated. - Core Changes & Fixes 1. allow advance users to custom select rom ini name (enh) read blog post 2. update outdated language files English(Pokemaniacs), German(MasterPhW) & French(Siskoo) read blog post 3...
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    MasterPhW's F1 World Grand Prix 2 High Resolution Project

    Hey there. I started this project back in 2008 (that's the reason the license screen still says 2008, will fix that in future releases) and had it on halt for the last 3 years, because the only real place for high resolution textures (EmuTalk) was dying... Now after ET is back, 1964video and...
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    Come get some... texture packages!

    Category: <b>Site</b><br><br>We've just restructured, updated and cleaned the whole high resolution texture board. It's now 13 pages with 251 posts in the WIP section instead of formally 50+ pages. A lot thread were moved to our new Complete packs and tutorial sections, some deleted and others...
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    Daytona USA AEP Community project

    Some members (including myself in future) of AEP-emulation are working on the first announced texture pack for an Arcade game. It works only with Model 2 emulator 1.0 (of course, only arcade emulator supporting texture replacement at the moment) + Daytona USA and here are some screenshots. I...
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    EmuTalk Reborn suggestions

    I thought after the update of the board software it's time to strength our great community, add new features, fix annoying stuff and rebuild some features. After that emutalk could finally be the place again, where "normal" emu users, coders, contributors and emu coders can connect, talk and...
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    Zelda 3 Classic - It needs YOUR support!

    I really think, that Emutalk is a proper place to advertise a project like glZelda(2) and I hope to get enough responses to show the project leader that a project like this is really appreciated. But let me start from the beginning: Most of you probably already know Zelda Classic, if not, you...
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    What happened to the old time?

    Hmm... ET is a lonely place nowaday... I still remeber the old days, where all the great guys and devs hang around and posted progress, jokes or just some private talk. Guys like smcd, gandalf, ScottJC, zorbid, Federelli or many more... devs like Orkin (the Pete Bernard of N64 gfx emulation!)...
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    Use a XBox 360 wireless controller for emulation!?

    I've decided to buy a Microsoft Wireless XBox 360 controller for all my emulation needs but I seems to be to silly to get it working. I've installed the driver for Vista64 and installed the XBCD stuff, it is also recognized in the Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories Status Tool. But the XBCD Setup...
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    Now ET is finally dead!

    I normally check the site multiple times a day, same applies to all the new threads, but I clicked on the newest "Ootake 1.5.0 Released" thread and spam sites with java stuff starts! WTF? Someone should really do something here!
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    Batch coding

    I'm working on a TV channel for 8 weeks (additional work I have to du for my university... don't ask) and they create for every day a new folder via the context menu in the following format: "News - 01.8.08 - Fr" Now I thought, that could be done easier, with a little batch file. But I haven't...