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    Mario Press Button Cheats

    I remember how people used to post cheats here, so I think I can do this...If it's against the rules, mods can close: Super Mario 64 (U) Press Button Cheats: Press L for: ---100 Lives--- D033AFA1 0020 8033B21D 0064 ---99 Coins--- D033AFA1 0020 8033B219 0063 D033AFA1 0020 8033B263 0063...
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    Inventory Modifier

    Using Samurai Snack's item values (thanks! Go to his post here), and looking at the bottle modifier I found out how to edit the items in your inventory. WARNING: Make a save state before you start messing with this, because if you accidentally save, it WILL be stuck, of course, you could always...