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    which emulator to use

    i am running an intel Pentium 3 1100 with 128mb of ram AC'97 driver for intel 82801aa controller for sound and intel 82810E graphics controller. what emulator would u recomend. all i want to play agian is nightmare creatures
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    mario kart problems

    i am trying to run mario kart 64. it keeps giveing me the illegal error the game a bad rom. if not how do i play it
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    what emulator should i use

    i am using a p celcron 600 what emulator shouldi use?
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    odd shapes around objects

    i have tried pj64 and 1964 emulators to play games but they have od shapes around objects. In mario 64 trees have green triangles around them, the bubbles from when mario swims have black boxes around them and ba-bombs have boxes around them. if someone can help me out with this please let me...