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  1. Jaz

    Happy new year 2021 !

    Hope everyone has a great 2022!
  2. Jaz

    Happy Christmas Everyone @ Emutalk!

    Any chance you've got at a 20 year bump, whilst still staying on topic, you've got to take it!
  3. Jaz

    Happy Christmas Everyone @ Emutalk!

    Epic bump to say Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope you have a great festive period. 🎅
  4. Jaz

    The Weekend Thread

    It's the weekend again! What are you up to? F1 @ Turkey this weekend, so at least there is something fun to watch.
  5. Jaz

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Starting to get pretty far into Death Stranding now on PS5. I didn't play it when it came out on PS4 so I decided to pick up the Director's Cut on PS5 and I'm sure glad I did. It is such a random experience but oddly nice and relaxing (for the most part). I'm really enjoying it.
  6. Jaz

    The Weekend Thread

    What did you end up making?
  7. Jaz

    Majora's Mask N64HD Project Completed!

    Very cool!
  8. Jaz

    N64 (US) is 25!

    In the US, it's 25 years to the day that the N64 was released. A console most of us can relate to I'm sure given we ended up on EmuTalk, but what are your N64 highlights? Mario Kart 64 was the reason I bought the console, and I spent a lot of time playing Cruis'n World as well.
  9. Jaz

    NXEmu - very early stage switch emulator

    So many strides being made in Switch emulation.
  10. Jaz

    The Weekend Thread

    I don't think you'll find many people who'd say no. Even I enjoyed BOTW and I've never been a huge fan of the Zelda series. I don't really play on the Switch much nowadays but there are so many great games available if you're coming into it late. I have just picked up Cruis'n Blast, however...
  11. Jaz

    KEGS v1.13 released!

    What Apple IIGS games would you recommend playing?
  12. Jaz

    Doubt N64 emulation

    Even after all this time, I'd probably still say Project64.
  13. Jaz

    The Weekend Thread

    A place to discuss your plans for the weekend. I picked up the Director's Cut edition of Death Stranding today so I expect I'll be spending most of the weekend getting stuck into that.
  14. Jaz

    Wow Time Flies!

    Indeed. Would be nice to go back to 2001 just for a little while where life was a lot simpler, but that's what growing up and old does to you!
  15. Jaz

    What are you playing at the moment?

    I just picked up Cruis'n Blast on Switch and Deathloop on PS5.