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    Request for Twin Stick profile added to maple Device ports!

    Hi, this emulator is the best by far out there for dreamcast games. Any chance we can see twinstick as a device option as mouse and standard controller are already options and my understanding is that the twinstick is a hybrid of the two?
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    Request for maple twinstick profile

    Hi, I have a dreamcast twinstick but it does not have a profile in the maple device manager and the second stick when connecting it through a mayflash dc to usb converter has a constant signal from the second stick of "JOY3_ANL2_KEY-" and nothing else. I cannot see a way to map the controller...
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    not picking up right stick with twin stick controller help?

    Hi I cannot get the right stick with twin stick controller mappign to anything and when i do try to assign it to extra digital or analogue stick it si treated as a single button so i cannot map up down left right Is there an actual twin stick plugin option or a way to get the right stick to...
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    twinstick maple plugin not picking up twin stick controller help?

    I have a DC twinstick but using the twinstick maple plugin it is not picking up twin stick controller via a mayflash usb adapter and there is no option to map controller? If I go into demul emulator i can map everything other than the right stick and it works on those controls in virtual on DC...