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    i found a ps2 emu but i dunno if thats a fake

    here is some I found from kazaa
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    i hope anyone beats sonic3 with sonic course i don't know how to pass this:

    I every time wonder what must i do i don't get it:
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    anyone know a megadrive emu that runs in xp?

    I need one is there any?
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    new visual boy 8.0!

    grab it it rulez!!!!!!
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    Super mario advance2

    the great remake of super mario world here it is,mario and yoshi
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    most kicks in 1week on irc!

    try to beat it i was kicked 5times in 1week;)
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    help with epsxe plz

    I'm new at psx emulation i got magamanx6 but it won't run I thought a kyro2 card doesn't support epsxe,is that right?I use: Pete's DX6 D3D Driver 1.56 ePSXe CDR WNT/W2K core 1.4.0. ePSXe SPU core 1.4.0. any help megaman is the ntsc version
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    is this possible in super mario world?

    a friend told me of a world "moon" when you beat it you get a mario that has the feather the fire flower and the mushroom in one does this world exist?(I don't mean the star/special world)
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    are you psychic?find it out!!! this is a test if you psychic you see the five persons and you must think who is the right you mustnt know anything about c&c4:yuris revenge just try it:D
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    The mask shop need help

    well I know that he give you mask then swap then give him money but he ever said hello and welcome i can't take a mask what must I do?
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    what about a new forum for pc's

    well I'm sure some guys got probs with cpu maybe we can make a new forum for computer help only a little idea....maybe you proofs haven't any problems:alien:
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    I'm bored so I make a useless poll

    My favourites are the old womans in spirit tempe,sorry I don't know the name
  13. hellknight don't likes zelda oot(E)[!]

    I thought now I can play it in german but I was wrong,all was fine but then it comes:I can't go to the sea with jabu jabu in there it has a unhandlet mistake,the same with little link in the gerudo tal.that#s shit all this work for nothing:(
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    Happy new year

    A happy new year to all you guys!!!!!!!!!!You have my best wishes
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    who said young link can't wear red armor?

    here it is: