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    W00t!!! W00t!!!

    W00t! I Got a new Motherboard + CPU + Cooler Motherboard: K7S5A CPU: AMD Athlon XP 1800+ Its time to take the shit P2 400 out. :) Now I can finally Play Emulation on my free days ! :holiday: But I don't have it installed yet. Later today. :emutalk:
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    Happy B-day CoDeX

    Happy bday :holiday: well, just noticed... ;)
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    Dear Penis

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    Happy Birthday Muad!!!

    Happy B-day :happy: :holiday:
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    Rive TNT2 Pro Drivers

    I am having problems with my brothers PC. He has a Riva TNT2 Pro, and I can't find the latest Drivers.... where can I get them? :blush:
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    Stop the spamming!!

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    Blade64 Website Updated!!!

    Hi, The Blade64 Website has been uploaded!! With new Screenshots of Blade64!! Read it here: Blade64 Website
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    By the way I just saw this: ----- ----- You can download there DIRECT JABO'S PLUGINS!! They must put a link to :getlost: :doh:
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    Wow Rice

    Hi Rice, Since some months i didn't try any emulator, because my system is so slow..... Now i tried YOUR (unoffical daedalus rel.3) with 1964 and WOW: SPECS: P2 400Mhz Geforce 4 MX 420 Your Plugin is better than Jabo's for my system :) I have to try the others :) Keep it up :)
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    Icarus screenshots

    I don't know, if this is new:
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    Huh ?

    What's this?
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    AMD Duron?

    So, I'm running on a P2 @ 400 Mhz. :getlost: And i want to buy i new PC. i found a AMD Duron 1400+ 64MB graphic, 3D audio, etc for 83 €. 1.4 Ghz. is it good? :saint:
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    BCB question...

    Is there a way to port programs with BCB to other OS's without CLX ?
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    DreamEmu Sux ? :getlost:
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    SculleatR's Input Plugin

    This is the plugin i have working on. It's zilmar's basic keyboard plugin, ported to SDL and added a buttons assignment, and a check option. :blush: