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    Colour Association - Research

    I'm doing a bit of research on what colours people associate with different companies, and I need a sample from this forum. What colour do you associate with each of these companies: Nintendo Sony Microsoft Try not to read other peoples answers before you post as this may skew your...
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    X-Skillz Cube Driver

    Hey guys, I use X-Skillz Cube for playing my N64 games on PC, amongst other things, but I've lost the driver. I've searched the internet for one, but I haven't found one. Have any of you guys got the driver? And can you zip up a copy for me? I'll host it on my website with a dedicated page for...
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    Audio Replacement Projects ?

    No doubt this has been mentioned a million times over, but I couldn't find anything with a straight forward answer through search, so I'd like to know... There are texture replacements, so would it be possible to do music replacement? For example, a folder full of MP3s which execute the sounds...