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    Fifa '99

    It's a good game, get it. Play the Quick Match mode to get the gist of this pack. Mainly grass and advertisements. Uniforms and faces are hard to do because each person has their own uniform and face (with hair). That's a lot of textures.
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    Annoying and Weird Bug

    I'm using the beta version of Rice's 6.1.1 and I'm loving the retexturing projects. Here is an error I get when I try to start Ocarina of Time (v1.2): Error to start video g_pRender is NULL And 1964 crashes and exits automatically. :yucky: Ooh, now guess what happens when I start Master...
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    Using the mouse with Ocarina of Time

    Hey, this isn't a help topic, just my sharing some thoughts. I had downloaded DarkMan's plugin before and have used it in GoldenEye (it worked pretty well). For those of you who don't know, this is a plugin that allows you to use the mouse as well as the keyboard while playing a game. It...