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    Metroid Prime 2 Progress - Screen shots

    An unsubmited patch *don't have access have to wait till Sonic gets back online* that is more like a hack then a fix, Allows metroid prime 2 to go ingame. Its not playable yet as when I scanned something it crashed.
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    SVN 101 Opengl Fullscreen

    FYI SVN build 101 Added full screen mode to opengl plugin. I tested and it does work for the most part. Just wanted to give the heads up.
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    Dolphin Final 1.03.2 BETA Released

    This is the Latest build of Dolphin released per F1res. Download and try it out. Has alot of MMU emulation.
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    A new release? are you guy willing to...

    understand the newer version is more compatable but ALOT slower? It is true from the screen shot thread that it is more compat but some other things might be broken. Its alot slower then the current beta release. I meen I know most of you would like it but you all know my view. Anyways, based...
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    Rev it up!

    Sup you guys, I was talking to one of my friends here at work about buying a Rev dev kit. I think its a great idea. Has anyone bought a dev kit for a system before? Anyone have any info on what it comes with? I do know its only 2000$ and thats really cheap compaired! anyways let me know you...
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    Diablo 3

    I saw on some hints that D3 may be anounced next month. Anyone else heard this?
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    Dolphin Final 1.03 BETA 2 Shots

    ***EDITED*** ***POST HERE ANY SCREENSHOTS YOu HAVE FROM THE LATEST RELEASED BETA (BETA 2)*** F1res released a new test beta to us with new timming fixes and Page table support and mc fixes!!!!! and all I have to say is WHOAA! Check out these TMNT Melee that is marked as SDR! Geist is next on...
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    Chankast and coding plugins

    Im looking for source on the drive plugin. Im looking to write a plugin for it but cant find any info on it at all. Any info would be helpfull upto and including the specs for it.
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    odd files in 4 swords.

    i found the following cvs dir in 4 swrods with the following text: Entries: /cardicon.arc/1.1/Tue Mar 2 04:32:47 2004/-kb/ /logo.arc/1.3/Wed Mar 3 04:21:52 2004/-kb/ /main2D.arc/1.5/Thu Mar 4 04:53:01 2004/-kb/ /msgjp.arc/1.1/Tue Mar 2 04:32:47 2004/-kb/ /result1.arc/1.2/Wed Mar 3 04:18:50...