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    SM64 Last Impact v1.2 not work

    Hi friends, How are things? I hope you are all well. Pls, I can't start "Super Mario 64: Last Impact v1.2", there is no humane way to make it work. I get an error message "Fatal error: Stopping emulation". I have the emulator configured in this way: Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 I would appreciate any...
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    How to change the skin on FinalBurn Alpha?

    Hello! Please, I would like to know how do I change my "Skin" on FB Alpha ? Pls, see the attachment picture: Many thanks in advance!
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    New Year beta: GLideN64

    Hi! If I rightly understood the communiqué issued by the author GLideN64 (new plugin for N64 emulators) contains many good things. Have you tried it out yet ? I wish to have your opinion on this new and, in particular, the objectives proposed. It can be downloaded the beta from the...
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    M64Py and problem with Jostick

    Hello! Pls, the M64Py front-end for Mupen64Plus does not allow me to configure the joystick (XBOX 360). M64Py recognises the Joystick but does not permit me a joystick configuration ...does not work properly. Pls, do not know if there any solution. Thanks a lot in advance.
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    Is there any Mupen64Plus - Mupen64 difference between?

    Hello! Pls, If there is a difference between the two, what's the good emulator (?) Thank you in advance & I wish you a happy new year 2015 :)
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    Mupen64Plus and front-end for windows?

    Hello friends! Pls, I previously downloaded the Mupen64Plus v2.0 (Windows binary bundle), but includes the command line only. I don't understand how to works. I could not find any concrete tutorial in google. Pls, can recommend me anywhere front-end compatible with Mupen64Plus v2.0? Where can...
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    I have difficulty with the Glide64 For PJ64 2.0

    Hello! Pls, I would like to know if there is also the possibility of running the graphic Plugin "Glide64 For PJ64" with other games ...set an example: Yoshi's Story, Super Smash Bros or Rayman 2 because ONLY works with playing Super Mario 64. I like very much this plugin because you...