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    Super Mario imported in Unreal Engine 4.

    Look here -
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    HLSL for N64 emu?

    Is it possible to get something like HLSL in any N64 emulator?
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    N64 real image quality on PC - SweetFX preset.

    I would like to get close to the original N64 image quality on the LCD monitor. I need two tricks. First is sweetfx + preset. Install Steps : . Download SweetFX 1.3 or above and extract it into 1964 directory, . Download, extract it into the directory...
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    Some questions about plugins.

    Hi, 1. What is the best audio plugin for 1964? I have a fast PC but the sound crackles and frequently break. 2. How can I enable fsaa or fxaa in glide64? I don't have fsaa when I force it in NVIDIA CP. 3. I have 1964 SVN r111 now. This is the best 1964? 4. Why my old savegames are not...
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    Resolution scaling to window size.

    Hi guys, In pcsx2 I can scale low resolution to window size. That's way I have something like natural blur like on old tv. Game looks more relief. How can I get something like that in 1964 or PJ64?
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    I don't have sound.

    Hi! I have plugin's ; jabo 1.5 - no sound :( azimer v50.2 beta - no sound :( azimer v0.30 - only this one works correctly :) What can be wrong ? My sys.spec : Win XP, DX 9.0b, SB Live ( driver -...
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    Glide Wrapper for UltraHLE and ATI Radeon 9700.

    I would like to ask about help. I checked all glide wrappers already almost there now nary does not it let good result. Problems on evoodoo are from water in Mario, and something on gl2ideal is from faces. :-( On is glide wrapper for Radeon, but it does not it act - only emulator...