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    1964 0.9.9 nice and clean

    Hi, Okay, the thing is that from where ever I download 1964_099.exe, my antivirus detects it as a virus/backdoor/trojan and deletes it. Now is it a false positive? if not, can someone please upload "cleaned" 1964 0.9.9 in a zip file somewhere? or tell me of a location from where I can get it in...
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    Regen v0.3 --- New Genesis/MegaDrive emulator

    Hi, Due to the elections here today I had a whole day free so I decided to finish up some of the features and fixes and do a release. Here is list of the new things: Version 0.3 ----------- * Preliminary SVP emulation added. Thanks to notaz and TascoDeluxe. Although now Virtua Racer is...
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    Genesis NTSC filter plugin and my emu

    Hi, I am releasing my emulator along with the blarrg's Genesis NTSC plugin here for testing purposes only. You can also use the plugins with Kega :) UPDATED Versions: Athlon optimized Generic i686(MMX) Pentium 3 Pentium 4 stay safe and enjoy, AamirM
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    Sound using SDL

    Hi, I am porting my sega genesis emu to linux but I am having problems with sound. I am used to DSound in which I just call something like update_snd(buffer, buf_len) when audio was available while in SDL, it calls a callback for more sound which I can't get working. Could someone simplify how...
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    If anybody can test...

    Hi, I wrote my emu sometime ago but I have been optimizing it since then. Now its a bit stable so I want someone to try to run it on a slow Pentium4(1.4 Ghz is the slowest P4 i think) and tell me how it performs against WinKawaks :). You can download it from
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    CPS video emulation

    Hello all, I am writing my own Neogeo, CPS1/2 emulator. A beta version is available at: Neogeo core is finished(almost) and all the games except encrypted ones run fine. Now I am starting the CPS1 core. I have figured out most of the stuff(thanks to MAME) but...