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    Cold and frozen :(

    Jnes is my favorite emu. I have been using .30, and there are some things I miss... like the quick and easy acces to the 2x mode(and all the wonderfull slowdown it caused) and the "J" for the .nes icon insted of the "Jnes" (The blue is good though.) Oh and there is this little problem of the new version completely locking up my comp. I mean everything stops, sound, the mouse cursor, no Ctrl+Alt+Del, no responce at all. The last time it did this was a SMB3 hack I was working on, right as it is suppose to load up the room that I was experamenting on it locks up, black screen at 60fps. It also did this as I was loading a Gryzor (Jap. Contra) translation. I can't remember the other times it did this.
    My system is win98, a celeron, the latest Direct X, and that's all I can think of right now...
    I already have to unplug my comp enough as it is right now. Can you help me not have to do it for this?

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    Umm wait for the second beta, if you read the "known issues" thread, there is an issue loading some roms, but most should still work, other than that I'm not sure why it would hang your system...

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