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Today I’m releasing PyBoy v1.0.0! A Game Boy emulator written in Python, focused on scripting, AI and learning.

Back in 2015, it started as a university project. But I’ve kept working on it, and others have started contributing as well over the years. Today we thought it was time to officially release PyBoy v1.0.0 on PyPi and GitHub!

What is PyBoy

In short, it’s a Game Boy emulator written from scratch in pure Python, with additional support for scripting through an API. We’ve added type definitions, which allows us to compile the software using Cython to get performance comparable to emulators written in C and C++.


The installation instructions are simple: Install SDL2 on your system, and install PyBoy through pip install pyboy. If you need to compile from source, we also have detailed instructions on the GitHub Wiki for Mac, Linux and Windows.


PyBoy is designed to be accessible from Python, so we support and encourage people who want to make experiments, bots or AI’s to try it out. We are building game-specific wrappers, which at the moment allows programmers to interface with Tetris and Super Mario Land, without any intricate knowledge of the Game Boy.

Documentation can be found at: .

We also want to learn and experiment with more exotic features. Based on work from a university project, we’ve added rewinding to the emulator. Which means, you’ll be able to turn back time in any game.

We support: macOS, Raspberry Pi (Raspbian), Linux (Ubuntu), and Windows 10.