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    Is version 1.6 the best version of project 64?

    So im a big fan of project 64. I have been using this emulator for many, many years. I personally think it's the best nintendo 64 emulator out there, but i miss this particular version of project 64. It just needed a few bugs fixed, such as the bug where ocarina of time would crash once you got to the well in kakariko village as adult link and things like that. Also, the project 64 icon wasn't the best back in those days, so i was personally using this one instead. Anyway, i feel like some of the versions that were released afterwards, weren't as good and some of them were cluttered with too many settings. I also feel like some of them performs a bit worse, but i may just be nostalgic because i have been using this particular version of project 64 the most, what do you guys think?

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