Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble setting up the controls for the Naomi version of Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram. I've tried 3 different controllers, but it would appear that even if you set up the controls correctly under Config/Controls/Arcade/Joy 1 for Digital, Analog 1 & Analog 2, the right stick (Analog 2) does absolutely nothing, when in Analog or digital mode (Currently testing with a PS2 controller with a 2 player USB adapter) & when in analog mode, only the Digital D-Pad seems to work & not the analog sticks & when in digital mode, no analog sticks & the D-Pad doesn't work. Obviously with this game having two sticks is kinda essential, currently I can't jump or fly through through the air, with only one stick you can only run around. Anyone else able to set up this game properly with a PS2 or similar controller to use the two analog sticks?. I've tried both Demul v0.7 (April 28 2018) & (November 11 2017) with the same results. Any help is appreciated.

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It seems there's a problem with the controls with Mazan - Flash of the Blade as well, with the controls set up it asks you to Swing the Blade to start, but the controller has no effect.