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melonDS 0.8.1

fix potential issue generating the config file path under Linux
fix 3D/2D blending bugs under OpenGL
fix potential crash under the software renderer when display capture is used
basic, optional OSD system
add support for setting key mappings to none
add fast-forward and pause/reset hotkeys
fix crash when closing an input config dialog during the joystick mapping process
fix bugs when changing video settings with no game loaded
faster IRQ checks
faster VRAM reads
3D/OpenGL: preliminary edge marking
3D/OpenGL: fix fog alpha
2D: render sprites one scanline in advance (iCarly - Groovy Foodie)
3D/software: fix rendering of line polygons
3D/OpenGL: add proper-ish support for line polygons
support multiple joysticks
add support for mapping keys with modifiers
add support for mapping joystick axes alongside buttons, remove hardcoded axis 0/1 mapping
overall better input/hotkey code