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    mGalaxy v7.0 released

    This version is packed with awesome new features and updates:

    • WebRadio added to available background music sources. Thousands of web radio directly available from the mGalaxy interface.
    • Extended gamepad/joystick controller compatibility (no more limited to Xbox 360 controller only)
    • Mouse compatible interface (no more limited to keyboard or gamepad)
    • Theme customization: all themes now come with a setting panel.
    • mGalaxy_Updater: new application to update/patch mGalaxy on new release.
    • mGalaxy_Runway: Runway now trims logo images with a transparent pixel border.
    • mGalaxy_Runway*: auto folder assignment.

    More info and download on

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    Nice update thanks

    We are in the process of archiving all qualifying texture packs!
    Contact me via PM to have your N64 texture pack hosted on!
    Having a hard time loading Large packs? Be sure to patch your emulator.
    Can't load .DAT or .HTC archives? Look no further then this shiny Tutorial, Android users may use this Tutorial.


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