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    Kronos and YabaSanshiro Issues - any thoughts? Trying to run on my GPD Win 2 and PC

    I have a GPD Win 2 and a pretty nice PC and having issues with both Kronos and YabaSanshiro on these devices, wondering if anyone can help me out?

    General Info:
    - Windows 10 64 bit pro OS
    - Trying Kronos 1.5.0, YabaSanshiro 2.2.0 (both seem to be latest versions)
    - Enable "Bios Emulation" (have also tried using actual Bios files

    - Seems like both emulators give error message, "Can't Initialize Yabause" and once I see this I am hosed. I go to the C:\Users[\MyUser\AppData\Local folder and remove "yabause" folder. I also delete emulator folder, but seems like it's permanently messed up
    - I've tried enabling and disabling bios emulation with little effect.

    Biggest issues seem to happen when I attempt to play Shinobi X (or Legions, or Shin Shinobi Den, any regions version). Wondering if I have bad files for this game or something?

    Any tips or tricks on getting these emulators running smoothly?


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    You probably have already found the answer, but one helpful tip is to "disable Bios Emulation" under the General tab in the Settings. Per this thread, locate a source for the actual Bios online.

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