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    DEMUL, error message with steering wheel

    When having connected a steering wheel, DEMUL sends this error message right before loading a game, I mean, you first load a game and during loading the error message appears.
    It doesn't affect anything, after pressing OK to the error message the game finish loading and works OK, as well as the steering wheel.
    But the error message ALWAYS appears.

    If I unplug the steering wheel, the error message doesn't appear.

    The steering wheel I'm using is a Logitech G27, but the error appears with other steering wheels, Logitech wheels it seems.

    I'm using Windows 7 64 bit, and the last demul version (Apr 26 2018) but It happens in all demul version I've tested (most 0.7 builds).

    - - - Updated - - -

    It seems to be a very old issue. Just check this link:

    ht?p:// (just change the "?" with a "t")
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