Kronos 1.3.0 is a fork of Yaba Sanshiro/UoYabause/Yabause crated by François (french dev). Here the changelog :

- New Kronos interpreter. Less CPU usage.
- Added STV rom game support. With Linux all games are launchable but with the windows port lots of game are not playable.
- Burning Rangers : fixed a black veil in game.
- Contra - Legacy of War : fixed a regression with the shadow of the character.
- Doukoku So****e : fixed a transparency problem with the moon.
- Doukoku So****e : fixed a transparency with dialog.
- Doukoku So****e : fixed a problem with a missing sign aside of the bus.
- Le manoir des âmes perdues : fixed a GFX problem with the menu.
- Outrun : fixed missing screen (loading screen, options screen).
- Sakura Taisen 2 : fixed a regression.
- Scorcher : fixed a GFX problem with trees in game.
- Scorcher : fixed the pause menu screen. It was messed.
- Sega Ages : fixed loading screen.
- Slam & Jam 96 : fixed a regression with High score screen.
- Turfwind '96 - Take Yutaka Kyousouba Ikusei Game : fixed a black screen. The game is now playable.

You can get it from this link :
There is an English forum here :
Kronos github :