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Thread: Racist files

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    Racist files

    I was going to use one of your products, when I found two racist file names. The screen shot is attached.
    The two racially offensive file names are: "" and "****blacks". I noticed in the preview of this post
    that this program would not even let me use the obscene word in this post and replaced it with asterisks.
    They were both posted on 2018-05-03, and have been viewed 45 or more times.
    I would hope that they do not reflect the views of your company.
    Most likely, I have posted this in the wrong place - please excuse the error.

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    yeah i noticed that myself, not sure if i can do anything, i will see (check to see if i have access to remove them!) and sort it! for news posts from emulation64, and my own personal projects. Follow me!
    HD NES packs for hdnes and mesen

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