Hi, I want to thank all developers of the Demul team. I've got Dolphin Blue (Sammy Atomiswave 2003) running smoothly on v0.7 Alpha BUILD 221215 with neither graphics nor sound issues. Prior to this, I've tried other emulators (MAME, RetroArch, etc.; didn't work out) and other Demul versions. The previous versions were unable to recognize my video plugin (gpuDX11) and the most recent one gave me the problem 'unknown compression method' on WinZip. I got lucky with this one . It also took me a while to get the correct BIOS file.

I've only played Dolphin Blue once on arcade more than a decade ago (it was never ported to any home console). I was reminded of, and instantly fell in love with it after watching a few playthroughs on YouTube.

Once again, thank you for letting me relive the good moments of my childhood .