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    Demul and ATI ArcadeVGA 5000


    I am using Demul on a computer under Windows 10 in an arcade cabinet supporting 15-31khz.

    The card I am using is Arcadevga 5000, it's based on Ati 5450 and it supports a lot of emulators, some of them in 15khz like Groovymame, Retroarch... and some in 31khz like PCSX2, Dolphin...

    Demul gives me a lot of trouble with the option Auto Sort.

    When it's enabled it's painfully slow, when disabled I have some transparency glitchese.

    Is there any workaround with this setup ? Or do I have to buy another Ati card ?

    I actually have a Nvidia 780ti inside this computer and it actually works well, but I would need to switch the cables when I launch Demul and change the primary screen, quite a mess.

    Is there a way to render in the 780ti and play in the Arcadevga for display ? I think PCSX2 does that, not quite sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by archimage View Post
    Is there any workaround with this setup ? Or do I have to buy another Ati card ?
    you may try to set "Max Layers" to some lower value like 16 or 8, and/or enable "Network sort" option.
    but yes, normally required at least HD5850 I think.

    correct emulation of PowerVR2's Order-independent transparency requires much more GPU power than Gamecube or PS2 emulation.

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