Hey there everyone. I recently bought a Thrustmaster t150 pro setup (wheel/ 3 pedal set). I've read online and watched youtube videos on how to setup the wheel and map the controls but I am running into 2 major issues when playing. 1) When turning in-game, after i turn the wheel to a certain point (a bit more than 100 degrees) either left or right the game thinks I'm doing a u-turn and starts to turn the car around. The t150 didnt come with any program to tinker with just the properties in the usb game controls, which I turned the degrees of rotation down to 270 but doesnt look like its working. 2) I also went into properties to combine the pedals instead of the default seperate. However, when I combine the pedals the pressure for the brake shows half-way pressed and when I press the gas, it reads the brake is all the way pressed? Not sure if thats correct or not, but when I map them in Demul and play the game, when pressing the gas down it wont accelerate all the way and stops at a certain point. I tried seperate pedal mapping and the acceleration works, but its always accelerating (even without me pressing the gas pedal). If anyone has any knowledge or tips I can try, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

i5 6790k
8gb ram
gtx 1060 ssc 3gb
t150 pro racing wheel