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    Demul and Xbox One S Bluetooth controller on Windows 7 - not recognize buttons

    Hello, I have a problem using my Xbox One S controller via Bluetooth connection on Windows 7 machine.
    Demul do not recognize corectlly buttons, every button see like "JOY0_ANL2_KEY" and can't bind other buttons.
    This happen only on Windows 7, on Windows 10 same controller same connection work fine and see all buttons corectlly.
    Of course in other games or emulators everything work fine so please fix this.
    "Alternative settings" same problem.


    I found some method to assigns this buttons, but this not work for all buttons, when bind a button before I click mouse to assign I keep pressed button first and then see it corectlly here, but D-pad buttons are not see, also triggers buttons when I start game trigger button is always pressed.

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