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    Spread the word - angrylion-rdp-plus

    Have you ever wanted to play Nintendo 64 games on your computer as they were meant to be played without graphical nastiness and near pixel-perfection but haven't got the power to use angrylion in the past?

    Well say hello to angrylion-rdp-plus!

    I stumbled on this when I read this article on Reddit:

    A comment from user barracuda415 caught my attention:

    I've been working on a multithreading fork of Angrylion's software renderer for quite some time, which should use modern multi-core CPUs much more efficiently than the single-threaded original. It's still very WIP, but it already allows me to run most games in real-time on my FX-6300 that would normally require a 7700k. I think with a many-core CPU, like Threadripper, the performance boost could be theoretically quite massive.

    It's probably not a good replacement for a proper GPU implementation, especially when rendering in higher than native resolutions, but it combines the compatibility of Angrylion with a somewhat playable performance.
    The project can be found here:

    I have played around with this myself and it looks very promising, I mean full-speed in games like GoldenEye and Perfect Dark with angrylion? That's literally unheard of but it's very much true.

    Enjoy and be sure to look here regularly as I will continue to post updates and updated builds of the plugin!

    Here's a little show case that I cooked up real quick to demonstrate the plugin:

    Due to the pictures I posted is gone and deleted which is aggravating because the slogan on their site clearly says:
    Get permanent links for Facebook, Twitter, message boards and blogs which in retrospect is bull****

    I'm sorry about that folks!
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