I stumbled on this when I read this article on Reddit:

A comment from user barracuda415 caught my attention:

I've been working on a multithreading fork of Angrylion's software renderer for quite some time, which should use modern multi-core CPUs much more efficiently than the single-threaded original. It's still very WIP, but it already allows me to run most games in real-time on my FX-6300 that would normally require a 7700k. I think with a many-core CPU, like Threadripper, the performance boost could be theoretically quite massive.

It's probably not a good replacement for a proper GPU implementation, especially when rendering in higher than native resolutions, but it combines the compatibility of Angrylion with a somewhat playable performance.
The project can be found here:

and you can download the plugin for Project64 here:

and here is a direct link to the latest .dll:

I have played around with this myself and it looks very promising, I mean full-speed in GoldenEye with AngryLion? That's literally unheard of but it's very much true.

Expect bugs and exceptions but with time this could be the ultimate plugin for Project64!

Hopefully if this gets enough attention and he opens a Issuses section things can go even faster.

Good luck to you all!