Greetings everyone!
I have just delved in the world of DEMUL. Loving it so far and special thanks to Metallic for bringing us this emulator. But as with other emulators DEMUL has it's own issues.I will be addressing these issues here in hopes of someone helping me out.

1) The latest version (180816) does not have the "Internal Resolution" option as did the 0.5.8 which really boosted the texture quality over the standard "Windows Resolution".Is there an fix around it as there is no "Anti Aliasing" option to smooth out the rough edges/jaggies.

2) The latest version is also causing some problems my xbox one/xbox 360 controller. For instance when i wanna play DC games (Daytona USA 2001) and go to "options" menu to configure my controls (steering sensitivity in this case) controller one/player one option is not accessible as if the controller in port one is not connected and instead "player 2" controller option is highlighted which i cannot access with the first controller and neither with the 2nd controller if activated.

3) I tried to change the game to see if things work and this time it was "Fighting Vipers 2" and before Title Screen my game stuck on the a screen saying that it's searching VMU and did not accept any of my buttons on the controller.

4) I thought the latest release may have been buggy so i went with Version (221215) installed stuff. Went back to Daytona USA 2001 and surprisngly it stuck on the screen that Daytona USA 2001 was searching for VMU and did not accept any buttons i pressed on my controller.

5) I bypassed this version and went straight with 0.5.8 and despite some ocassional slow downs and glitches in sound and stuff it mostly worked fine. Also the "Internal Resolution" works which is nice to see a resolution bump and now the Anti Aliasing looks better but couldn't adjust the aspect to 4:3 and the aspect ratio seemed very squished in 4:3. Luckily my TV had a 4:3 option and that did the trick

6) But this version has an another problem i discovered when i wanted to try out Naomi games like Virtua Fighter 5 Final Tuned. The game ran extremely buggy and terribly slow. Also to my amazement when i adjusted the "Internal Resolution" to say 2x, it altered the FOV and the camera zoomed out a lot kinda like FOV set to 100!

7) With this i thought of going back to any other 0.7A versions of Demul. VF 5 worked fine (but those terrible jaggies due to absence of AA were sticking out for me).However i noticed one weird thing in DEMUL when running DC that everytime i booted a game and when a VMU screen would appear asking me to load my save a message would pop up saying that all 24 blocks of my memory were full hence they needed to be free, when in reality i hadn't made any progress in the game because i am still in the testing phase. If i chose not to load the save the game would play fine BUT no saves or progress saved!

8)I booted the DC menu went in settings deleted my VMU so that it could have empty space BUT the problem persisted!!! Now how do i fix that? Also how to import DC saves in DEMUL?

I just wanted to saying my post has gone long, but there wasn't short way of explaining these issues. I would like any forum member to help me out in this regard and would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks and awaiting reply!