Hello Everyone:

I just decide to instal PCSX2 emulator to save some space in my new apartment insted of having plug in my PS2. The thing is, now that I'm actuly using it, I found a big issue. The emulator shuts down while starting the game

At the first moment, this wasn't the case, yes, I had a hell of a lag, and when I start to look up for solutions on diferent websites the emulator decided to stop working as it should. The thing is, when the main title of the games apears, evrything seems fine, but when the actual game starts to load, the emulator stops functioning. The classic mesagge on windows 10 "this program has stopped working" is the only info I have.

I have also try many times the obvious solution of reinstaling the program and reload the defoult configuration, but nothing happends. I know that I has to be some kind of solution, becouse as i said, at the begining my only problem was the lag, but now i can't play at all, just watch at the main titles of the games

My PC breif description could be:

Core i5 2'70GB
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 950

May someone help me with this?? Thank you very very mcuh