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    Low Res Textures in Initial D Version 3

    So I've been playing this for a while now but I've been wondering why the textures quality is so low, compared to videos I've seen of people playing it on Youtube and stuff. I tried a bunch of things in the settings but it doesnt really help, so I came here to see if anyone had any idea on why this is happening and or how to fix it.

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    texture quality - it is basically 15 year old game for 17 year old hardware, not sure what you expecting from it.

    youtube videos - I'd suggest there was used DX11old renderer with 2x-4x increased resolution and likely some post-filters, so it looks NOT like real Naomi2 but somewhat better. in addition, youtube video compression makes image blurry, so crappy (as for these days) overhaul image quality is not that notable.

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