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    N64 The exception Integer division by zero

    So.. I'm trying to use djipi's OoT3D Texture Pack for Ocarina of Time and I'm getting this weird error.
    If I disable the texture pack everything works fine. Any way to fix it?
    I'd like to share a picture of the error itself and some pictures of the configuration I'm using for GlideN64 but this annoying filter for new users is not letting me attach the pictures nor the direct link from Imgur to them.
    Thanks in advance for reading.

    EDIT: Ohkay, found the culprit.
    Apparently, whenever I delete the file "THE LEGEND OF", the game works perfectly fine.
    Is there a way to make the game work while using a texture pack, without having to delete this memorycache file over and over?

    EDIT2: That aside, I can't even post 1 single link. Isn't that taking it too far?
    It seriously makes things super hard for newcomers for no apparent reason.

    EDIT3: Ohkay, I think I've fixed it. It was a matter of putting a 0 in "Enhanced cache texture size" and just in case, I've set the Internal Resolution to x2, a Multiple of N64's Resolution.
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