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    Is there any way to have 2 player mode in two different ports In ePSXe?

    I'm having issues trying to connect the 2nd controller to the 2nd slot as opposed to multi tap on one slot. I would like to know how to fix this issue I've been having to fix this on my own for a couple of days but I gave up and looked it up. Anyways, as I was trying to find help from others I heard from the communities from different websites rather than this website, about how to use multiplayer appropriately. Now don't get confused what I mean in multiplayer wise I'm talking 2 ports not the multi tap. I'm talking about the two ports you have on a original PlayStation that you connect two controllers to make 2 player possible. Well, speaking of which, I have an issue trying to play Digimon: Rumble Arena to work in two player. Unfortunately, The second controller didn't work but the first controller did, I did some research it appears people have the similar issue I had but in a confusing way. They said to change the controls for the 2nd slot on the game pad section in order to work and to leave the 1st port for multi tap for 4 people to join in the action. My controller Input is different rather than doing the DirectInput than myself. I have a software that does it for me which is "InputMapper" Which helps the configuration of the Xbox 360 controller, Xbox one controller, and, DS4 (Dual Sock 4 which is a 'PlayStation 4 controller') and there's no answer if you have an X-Input device (which helps you configure your device by software that supports it.) Could it be possibly a bug? Or can it be the software being faulty by doing the same DirectInputs as Slot 1? Can somebody help I been stuck for a couple of days doing this. That would much appreciated .


    UPDATE- I discovered that whenever I go to the second port I found out the port is on the 5th port in the directinput panel which is non existent on the multitap. It can only support 4 players

    UPDATE #2- I found out why it doesn't let me add a separate player (on the second port obviously.) It acts like when you have two separate keyboards at once that are connected which means that my computer cannot have two keyboards press more than
    6 keys at once simultaneously. I don't know if it's just me not understanding how to fix it, or is it that I confused the system into thinking there's more ports on the multitap rather than the 2nd port on the original PlayStation itself (Not the multitap.)
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