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    Questions about/Suggestions for Demul

    First off, is Demul still being developed on?

    Secondly is there a way to to code the emulator so that it bypasses the vmu storage limit?

    Alternatively is it possible to add a feature so that for each game a seperate vmu/vms is created and when a specific game is loaded that game's vmu/vms is used, so you would never run out of space (space is a big issue here)

    Otherwise are there command lines one could use so that the vmu/vms is switched based on the game u play. Again storage issue

    Reason I ask about the storage problem is because I use a frontend for my games and i would like the storage to be dynamic. I don't want to change vmu/vms every time, should change automatically I want to play a game and I don't want to run into storage problems

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    depends on definition of term "developed".
    if by this word you mean: adding some features handy for gamers - no, here no developers interested in this, and probably never was

    that feature you are asking for can be easy enough implemented in script for your fronted or whatever you are using.

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