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    cemu 1.7.4 released

    cemu has its new release today for the public, this time to 1.74

    # New in 1.7.4d:

    GX2: Added a workaround for unsupported alignment in glVertexAttribIPointer for AMD GPUs

    # New in 1.7.4b/c:

    general: Fixed titleId calculation if DLC was installed incorrectly

    GX2: Fixed crash if CPU extensions SSSE3 and SSE4.1 were not supported

    # New in 1.7.4:

    general: Added command line option -ud to enable upside-down render mode
    general: Added game profile option 'GPUBufferCacheAccuracy'
    general: Added game profile option 'disableGPUFence'
    general: Updated some game profiles

    CPU/JIT: Overhauled FPR register management, reducing the number of load/store operations
    CPU/JIT: Fixed an unsafe optimization that could lead to floating-point stores being optimized away
    CPU/JIT: Implemented instructions CREQV, LWBRX
    CPU/JIT: Recompiler will now inline small functions

    GX2: Improved occlusion query support
    GX2: Added API GX2SetVertexSamplerBorderColor()
    GX2: Fixed a bug in GX2SetPixelSamplerBorderColor()
    GX2: Experimental support for texture readback
    GX2: Added support for mip-mapped 3D textures
    GX2: Shader dump debug option will now also dump shaders from the transferable shader cache
    GX2: Added support for vertex attribute format=0x07, nfa=2, signed=0, endian=0
    GX2: Fixed a bug that caused graphic pack shaders always being loaded as pixel shaders instead of their respective type
    GX2: Slightly optimized OpenGL backend by reducing the number of GL function calls
    GX2: Optimized decoding and handling of index data (utilizing SSE2)
    GX2: Fixed data corruption occuring under rare circumstances in vertex/uniform data cache
    GX2: Extended shader archive format to support cache files larger than 4GB
    GX2: Compiling shaders from the transferable shader cache is now done multi-threaded (if ARB_parallel_shader_compile is supported)
    GX2: Graphic packs now support overwriting the format of textures

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    Thank you for the update and the mirror.
    We are in the process of archiving all qualifying texture packs!
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