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    Other mame v0.184 builds released

    Here's a rundown of other Mame builds today.

    mameui64, has released its new build of mameui64, which bring its in line with the current version of mame, for its front end.

    You can get it here.

    Arcade has released today, which is a is a continuation of the MAMEUIFX project.

    Download here.

    mameui has released, which is a frontend for mess and mame.

    You can download here.

    wolfmame has been updated to v0.184.
    WolfMAME is a build which is optomised for MARP - MAME Action
    Replay Page, where literally thousands of MAME fans play, save and
    upload highscore attempts.

    WolfMAME does not allow the player to pause games, use cheats, change
    DIP switches etc to gain an unfair advantage.

    Download here.

    With so many releases i'm sure i've missed a few, feel free to add any you find in the comments below :)
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