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    Github emulator update for 25.3.17

    Category: Emulators


    Merge remote-tracking branch upstream/master into memory-manager
    Merge pull request #270 from jarupxx/xdk5028



    Add simple divide to get kbytes
    _sys_sprintf implemented
    vk: Minor fixes to vertex counting and lower exception to notice if var does not exist
    Move module in correct path
    _sys_sprintf implemented
    Append the PlatformToolset parameter for VS2015
    util::memory_reserve fixed
    fix a typo of copy_setup_h.vcxproj
    Merge branch master into master
    Register HLE libmedi, cellCrossController, cellSysutilNpEula
    gl/vk: Fix stencil ops
    Merge branch master into misc-fixes
    Check for invalid arguments
    implement getSizeKB functions
    Check for invalid arguments in recvfrom
    Merge branch master into master
    implement getSizeKB functions
    Add check for invalid arguments in recvfrom



    Merge: 6a88d6c bb39c2e Merge pull request #9500 from unknownbrackets/texcache Texcache: Rehash textures after mem invalidation
    Texcache: Rehash textures after mem invalidation. Before, we were doing this when we enqueued. We need to at least do this when an invalidation is triggered.
    Texcache: Cleanup last bound tex invalidation. When we are deleting, we are always about to bind a new tex.
    gradle: Avoid catch-22 where you cant change the config when it starts out at release (sync needs to pass)
    Merge: b76389c cf37da4 Merge pull request #9496 from unknownbrackets/idle-timing Core: Reduce frame idle delay
    Merge: 33db883 1fdf7c5 Merge pull request #9497 from unknownbrackets/ui-minor UI: Skip game bg lookup without game
    Core: Reduce frame idle delay. Otherwise we only have a single vblank of time left. Sometimes thats not enough. Effectively, this makes us only sleep one vblank at a time.
    UI: Skip game bg lookup without game. This avoids trying to identify a file without a name.



    MMU: rewrite loop to avoid warning
    JitAsm: Use stored_stack_pointer instead of s_saved_rsp
    EmuCodeBlock: Place ConvertDoubleToSingle temporaries on the stack
    Automatic translation resources sync with Transifex
    IniFile: Minor changes
    Clarify the log message for unknown Wii Menu regions
    DVDInterface: Update comment about buffer speed
    BitUtilsTest: compare ints of the same signedness (fixes warnings)



    coreinit: Implement FSGetDirSize{Async}.
    kernel: Take .thrbss into account when calculating TLS size.
    coreinit: Implement FSWriteFile{WithPos}{Async}.


    *All links are from official sources
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