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    cemu 1.7.3 released

    cemu has finally released its highly anticipated 1.7.3 version of cemu, in this version we finally saw the newly launched latest zelda breath of the wild work.

    # New in public release:

    general: New game profiles

    # New in 1.7.3d:

    GX2: 1.7.3 accidentally broke compatibility with pre-1.7.3 cached shaders. This hotfix restores backward compatibility.
    Also made some adjustments to guarantee this doesn't happen again in the future.

    # New in 1.7.3b/c:

    JIT: Fixed potential softlock for busy-wait loops which use the LWARX/STWCX instructions
    GX2: Fixed incorrect shader source generated for streamout write exports when the shader is optimized for float-only

    # New in 1.7.3:

    JIT: LWARX instruction now consumes multiple virtual cycles. This speeds up busy wait loops.

    general: Screensaver/Standby should no longer come up while a game is playing in Cemu

    coreinit: Added API LCDisableDMA(), LCGetAllocatableSize(), MPResetTaskQ(), OSPeekMessage(), OSEnableHomeButtonMenu()
    coreinit: Fixed bug in LCEnableDMA()
    coreinit/FS: FSOpenFile() is no longer blocking CPU execution
    coreinit/FS: Added internal support for priority-based path overloading
    coreinit/FS: Cemu will load patched game files automatically from mlc01/usr/title/../../

    ACP: Added ACP library. New API: ACPCheckApplicationDeviceEmulation()

    AOC: Added proper support for AOC library. Addon content (DLC) is automatically loaded from mlc01/usr/title/../../aoc/ or mlc01/usr/title/../..//

    AX: Fixed internal ADPCM playback offset calculation for addresses above 0x80000000

    Input: Fixed bug that caused non-keyboard buttons to be detected as keyboard input

    GX2: Improved implementation for GX2CalcTVSize() and GX2CalcDRCSize()
    GX2: Shader code optimizations. Up to 40% faster compile time for float-only shaders (measured on NVIDIA)
    GX2: Added support for shader OP3 CNDGT_INT instruction
    GX2: Added support for vertex format FMT_16_16_16_16, nfa=0, signed=0
    GX2: Fixed software streamout reading format 32_32_32_FLOAT incorrectly
    GX2: Added support for vertex shader gl_PointSize export
    GX2: Fixed a race condition in which the GPU7 command processor could run ahead of the current write pointer before GX2Init() was called
    GX2: Fixed sampler min and mag filter value being read from wrong register bits
    GX2: Added support for streamout binding the same buffer as input and output

    download :: Cemu 1.7.3 for news posts from emulation64, and my own personal projects. Follow me!

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    Actually uploaded the file to server, you are welcome
    We are in the process of archiving all qualifying texture packs!
    Contact me via PM to have your N64 texture pack hosted on!
    Having a hard time loading Large packs? Be sure to patch your emulator.
    Can't load .DAT or .HTC archives? Look no further then this shiny Tutorial, Android users may use this Tutorial.

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    haha yep, and one of the first (if not the first!) to post the news for news posts from emulation64, and my own personal projects. Follow me!

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