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    Shenmue 2 on Demul

    Hi everyone,

    can i first take this opportunity to give my absolute humble thanks to all of the guys who have worked on, and continue to work on the Demul emulator. Its an amazing piece of software, especially handling so many of the Dreamcast games go well!
    About me, my names Peter, from so obviously i am extremely grateful for the software considering we still do not have any signs of Shenmue HD re-releases coming our way, even afer the great success Shenmue 3 was.

    But with being Irish, i will get straight to the point. I am pretty ****** off with Demul. I mean it constantly crashes. Now, please understand i havent rushed on here because i dont know how top make a bios folder for the program and it doesnt work, i have spent weeks trying to tweak it and work with various processes, both software and hardware, but with no joy. Sonic Adventure crashes on the Carrier, Crazy Taxi freezes outside of the KFC at the bottom of the hill..

    BUT SERIOUSLY..... Shenmue.

    Now we all know how great and an absolute technical marvel Shenmue is. God bless Yu Suzuki for being so far ahead of his time. I had the pleasure of having dinner with him in Japan last year and he is a true treasure in the history of humanity! The success of Shenmue 3 is more than deserving for him and with the run up to that, ive been representing the Shenmue Dojo by streaming Shenmue on Twitch, using the Demul emulator. Its a great stream with a loyal following. But when we reached the forklift job at the Harbour, thats when the problems started. Unexplained crashes, which people have reported before, only to be met with the, "send me your save file.... well it works for me" response.

    That aggrivates me to no end because i fought through that, and now i am streaming Shenmue 2, and Demul crashed on me at least 6 times in one 3 hour stream. AND I DID EVERYTHING! New OS after previous Demul crashes because it was raining in game, complete updates for the OS, complete updates for my MOBO, complete updates for my NVidia 1060, the latest verson of Demul, only have 6-7 necessary programs on my new fresh PC, Demul set to High Priority and OBS set to normal in the Task Manger field, Affinity cores assigned separately for Demul and OBS, i cross checked every version of Demul post September 2015, with EVERY NVidia update released since the 1060 began and still nothing. Ive tried all different plugins and check/uncheck boxes for every version of Demul, and ive also tried 4 different ROMs, 2 of which i know are clean roms due to the user running them for capturing the footage for Shenmue 2 The Movie Hd on Youtube.

    For info i am running a brand new i7 4790k, 16G ram, 1060 MSI GPU and a brand new fully updated 8.1 Windows. I have tried x2 Resolution at 32 layers.....

    im over it now. Id like some answers, and im sorry if i sound like a ****.... but is this software even compatible with the latest graphics cards because i have A LOT of people telling me it has ran fine on 900 series, heck one even told me he played it flawlessly on his 600 GTX series!! I wont lie i am frustrated, because its hard having people watch you do something, and when you have taken EVERY step to prevent it, then it is annoying.

    If anyone has anything at all they can offer as advice, then please let me know. But also, if any of the developers see this and know fine well that Demul has issues with modern day hardware then please let us know.
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    It's a FREE program. Please get over yourself. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShenmueGuru View Post
    I have tried x2 Resolution at 32 layers.....
    sounds like "DX11old" renderer was used. it is known to be glitchy like **** and abandoned for the years.
    use modern one instead.

    if you want to be any useful - report noticed issues and how they can be reproduced at

    in general the problem is - currently we have no testers and single developer, me. I'm not playing games, because I have no time for this as well as I found this not interesting (btw I can say the same about almost all emulator developers or retro hardware researchers I know), so I have no any ideas if there is some bugs or regressions in games.

    you expecting to see some progress of bugs fixed ? - make detailed explanation of found issues
    "detailed" means for persons who have no idea wtf is Carrier in Sonic Adventure or there is KFC in Crazy Taxi, or never played Shenmue.
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