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    Question How to make a nes emulator?

    OK, so I'm new to emulator programming, i know nothing about making emulators, so does any one have any a beginner tutorial on making a nes emulators?

    just so you have a better idea on the tutorial i want here are some restrictions:

    1. nes only
    2. the tutorials coding can only involve: java, lua, batch, html, css, and javascript, since those are the only languages i have experience in.
    3. no overly complicated ones, meant for people who have made an emulator before please
    4. no tutorials meant for mac/linux users, i have windows 10

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    The first thing you need to know is that emulation and jumping from one gen to the next is an incremental task

    So by starting so far into the learning curve you are actually hindering yourself. Why? 'cause NES deals with interruptions (a concept you will struggle with as a begginer), a **** ton of opcodes based on the CPU and plus if you don't know the logic you won't be able to "see" much progress. I use "see" cause that' s where people get discouraged... 'cause higher complexity CPU come with the added handicap of not seeing progress at all as the CPU runs more and more instructions before even trying to draw on the screen. So as everyone over here we would advice you to start with chip8

    Chip8 only have a couple of opcodes, memory allocation is just an array for the whole ROM. You will learn to
    -load a ROM to memory
    -how the program counter works and what it is
    -Subroutines and how they work
    -XOR type logic for display
    -Logic behind one cycle of execution
    -Conditional logic
    -usage of bit shift for memory operations

    Plus if you get bored and your drawing routine is working you can always make it draw something yourself so you can get pumped up again hehe

    TLDR: respect the learning curves, start with chip8
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