I don't know why I keep this thread open. Lol.

I found out what MetalliC means by the short private messages he meant. (Why short messages from him few of you said? He's not american. He's foreign. Get it?)

How to extract osm_3_eng_v1002.bin (DEMUL Developers knows how to decrypt these kind of things. Not us.):

- Decrypt Naomi M4 from the .bin (Binary) file. Before that, save another one as a BACKUP! (Most of us cannot do except DEMUL Developers which they may (we don't know) not do it for us unless they do share datamined stuff.)

- Save the .bin (Binary) file.

- Open ISOBuster

- Click Track 1 -> Right-click -> Extract From to -> Start address at LBA 450000 to the end (Which is ISO9660 Data Track)

- Done

P.S: Might be wrong

If I'm wrong, reply (and maybe you want to make a text document of extracting and decrypting of how it should be done). I'm done with this thread. :/