phoenix the 3DO and now multi-system emulator has been updated to 2.8

*Translated from russian via google
First of all I want to thank the people who have tested the project: by Casper , by Onizuka and the Q-ser7 . Without their help, I could not have been so quick to correct simulation errors, thank you!
So what's new:

Highly refined emulation SMS (99% compatibility)
Optimized original software renderer 3DO
Improved MARIA mode CEL-Engine (D, Samurai Shawdow, ...?)
Fixed an order of operations over the second source in the pixel processor 3DO (Crash'n'Burn)
Fixed loading workers CEL registers (Wiked 18 other golf)
Option drawing CCB-list at the end of the allotted time (helps in Phoenix 3)
A more accurate picture peg to Scanline in 3DO
Fixed interception SPORT in the hardware renderer 3DO (BC Racers)
Implemented a more efficient multi-threading for CEL
Improved accounting CEL-Engine cycles (for Jurasic Park, select "100% + is the frame")
AngelScript updated to the latest version, the standard scaler textures improved, but requires optimization
Generate a list of compatibility on the basis of the annotation
Reduced latency management
In the context of the library menu allows you to massively delete duplicates
Call for abstracts editor Ctrl + A (in the screenshot will be automatically inserted into the game)
Locked logging (left only in the debug build, as affect performance on slower machines)
Added the option of accelerated emulation (for the test run, so you can evaluate the performance of your system in terms of emulation)
Fixed a memory access error in the memory mapping structures (could cause a random crash when 3DO emulation and debug all platforms)
Mass undetected removal of dumps from the list
ZEXALL test runs without errors (possibly corrected all errors Z80 emulation)
Fixed an error in weight due TMS9918A VDPTEST (left some timings for HClock, but judging by the testing, no matter what they do not affect)
3D games through SMS displayed frame
Made mapper for Pack 4 All Actions
Support rooms and SG-1000 Sega Game Gear within SMS
Implemented Korean mappers SMS
Added support for SMS-dump up to 4 megabytes
Emulating the Start button in the SMS (yes, I forgot the whole button! =)
The SMS added support Codemasters mapper and mapper without page register
Added option to bypass restrictions on TMS9918A rendering sprites
Support modes 224 and 240 lines, as well as scan for PAL SMS
Formed games base to bind to the mapper to SMS
Mass of small changes

Download and view the original at