has had a nice big update today, with updates progressing daily
Here's whats new from the readme

- Fixed : RxNES now dumps tiles at their original resolution. (8x8 or 8x16 pixels.)
Previously for your convienence 8x8 tiles were upscaled to 4x at 32x32. This ment you could open them in an image editor and add sub-pixels
easily. It also made them easier to see in Windows Explorer and Image Preview. However.. This lost the ability to interpolate or upscale
the tiles with a batch image scaler, such as ReShade. Now not only are the exported tiles smaller (1/4 file size I guess), they can
for example be added to Recording files and you won't need to have played the game with tile dumping on, to the game point in the Recording
to be able to watch it. This will be added soon in a coming update. I am not sure if I should package the tiles with the recording,
upload/download them from the server, or both. I will probably go with both just to be sure the Recordings are playable everywhere, and a
known tile database is availiable for those who want to work on tiles they haven't reached yet in-game. Exported tiles are now only 128 bytes
each! (@ 8x8). Or, 8 or 9 tiles per KB! So I will be uploading whichever are missing from the server to a central database collection of all
the tiles everyone has dumped after logging in. The "Box Boy" collection is a total of 46 KB at this point on my computer.
This .txt document is around 10 KB (or 76 tiles). An ancient 8 inch floppy disk from the 1980's holds 800 KB. So you will also be able to
store your dumped .png collections on 8 inch Floppy :) and upload/download bandwidth should not be any issue.
- Fixed : No Keyboard Control without any Wiimotes. ( Problem was a misplaced } ).
- Added : New Example 3D Model in the Enhancements folder!
Created a perfect 1 tile example 3D model. Spent hours re-programming it's alignment to be sub-pixel perfect.
Please use this as THE template for making 3D models! "DEMOModel" included in .max, .blend, and .obj.
If you use 3DS Max use the .max file, not the .obj. The .max has non-default scene scale and is setup to scale properly.
Also, If using 3DS Max, Export to .obj with Scale = 0.1, Flip Y/Z Axis (Poser like) turned ON (Defaults to OFF!).
- Still Broken? : Playback of Recordings. (Code hasn't been altered yet to handle NEW Standard / Default 2D Tile.)
- Added : 2-Player Wiimote Controls! ( Autodetects 2 Wiimotes [Player 1 & 2] Bluetooth) If you have only 1 Wiimote, Player 2 uses Keyboard.
Hold 1 & 2 on wiimote and pair in windows bluetooth pairing, it will be autodetected.
- Fixed Z,X to be B,A instead of A,B.