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    ppsspp 1.3 released

    PPSSPP 1.3 has finally released, a much anticipated release, as this marks the first time a playstation (plus) emulator allows for full hd texture replacement!

    Heres the low down

    Fix JIT problems on Galaxy S7 and iOS 9+ devices
    Fix Android TV support (x86-64) and use latest FFmpeg, fix Raspberry memory use
    Texture replacement support - for custom textures and upscaling
    Workaround rendering issues on Tegra K1/X1
    Initial Vulkan support on Windows - not full featured yet
    Experimental new CPU backend and CPU fixes
    Fix type D cheat codes, allow for homebrew
    Fix some problems when switching away from and back to the app
    Initial game video recording / TAS features (frame stepping)

    For more info go to
    Local download :: ppsspp 1.3

    And remember to check out our High resolution texture forum for ideas and projects for this and many other emulators that can be retextured.
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