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    no$snes v1.6 released!

    Martin Korth is back!!!

    no$sns is a nocash SNES/SFC emulator/debugger for windows

    no$sns Features
    - The program is 100% assembler code. Accuracy should be quite high (if not: bug are reports welcome).
    - Controllers: 1-2 Joypads, Mouse, Lightguns (via mouse), NTT Data Pad, X-Band Keyboard
    - Coprocessors: SA-1 (in v1.1), GSU (in v1.1), DSP, ST010/11, CX4, OBC1, S-DD1, SPC7110, S-RTC, RTC-4513
    - Add-ons: Satellaview, Turbofile (TFII and STF)
    - Debugger: Assembler, Disassembler, Xboo-Upload Function (for testing code on real SNES).
    - Requirements: Win95 and up, around 8MB RAM, around 200MHz
    - (on 1GHz computers, most games can run 5-10 times faster as on real hardware).

    no$sns v1.6 Changelog:

    * snes-cd: emulates snes-cd (requires SFX-100.BIN bios rom-image in BIOS folder)
    (supports .iso 920h bytes/sector or single track .cue/.bin 800h bytes/sector)
    (supports .iso with xa-adpcm and cd-da, .iso is without toc/track info though)
    * snes-cd: magic floor snes-cd version - first ever snes-cd game released ever
    * snes-cd: logs mechacon commands in debug message window
    * help: added complete sfx-100 snes-cd specs (io, memory, bios, discs, etc.)
    * help: added nintendo power flashcart details (many thanks to skaman and sanni)
    * snapshots: added snapshot (savestate) feature, should work with most mappers
    * nss/help: added workaround for DSP1 issues (thanks DogP) and CIC notes
    * nss/help: added several details and CN4/CN5 pinouts (thanks DogP)
    * help: added note on 3D glasses for Jim Power (pulfrich; dark/clear glasses)
    * help: added more X-Band details (sega-source-based io map, bios functions)
    * st018/speedup: switches ARM to pseudo-halt-state when arm-mainloop has no data
    * st018/cartloader: allocates ST018 memory and loads 160K ST018.BIN (128K+32K)
    * st018/emu: emulates st018 memory/io, imported ARM cpu engine (from no$gba)
    * st018/help: added ARM cpu specs, and more details on ST018 memory/io/cmd's
    * st018/disass: added ARM disassembler, getpc/setpc, 32bit valatcur, etc.
    * sound: fixed max_mixer_buf_siz for PAL games (needs bigger buffer than NTSC)
    * debug: updates data window during run (eventually allows to view RAM changes)
    * debug: added Alt+A animate to all no$xxx emus (repeated trace; as gmb/gba/psx)
    * debug: tracelog (for main cpu and apu cpu) (enabled in debug message window)
    * debug: tty window scrollbar thumb tweaked to support more than 32767 lines
    * debug: tty window optional buffer limit (1/10/100MB, with/without wrapping)
    * msu1: added msu1 emulation, and removed it after getting accused of nitpicking
    * sa1: implemented pixel-buffer-reading (used by Super Mario RPG upon level-up)
    * sa1: bugfixed 2bpp-bitmap-to-bitplane-conversion and 4bpp-pixel-buffer-write
    * help: added nss cartridge pinouts (thanx to martfrizb and hyarion and dogp)
    * help: DSPn/ST010/S-DD1 clock sources (thanx markfrizb/overload/byuu/s.central)
    * help: fixed timings in memory map (exchanged 2.68 and 3.58MHz) (thanks doppel)
    * help: added notes on using ntsc-controllers on pal-consoles (pinouts chapter)
    * gui: setup uses asia-compatible TabControl instead of unreliable PropertySheet
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