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Thread: Controllers

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    Hi! I am also having some issues with getting pokemon stadium 2 to recognize the second controller. I just downloaded project64 today and have spent the bulk of the day configuring it all out for the wireless PS4 controllers to work, now I am at the same stopping point as OP. Everything is recognized except the p1 controller controls EVERYTHING.

    I have checked the XInput box but now I have a new menu and I'm not entirely sure where to go from there. I am going to continue working on it to see if I can figure this out but I just want to play -_-,


    I configured the button lay out for the XInput for both of the controllers, just one at a time and neither of them and my p1 controller stil is the only one that PS2 will recognize.

    I saved the XInput profiles to p1/p2 respectively but the mapping is off.

    But hey, at least I can vs against my friends and family now with my army of Scythers! Long Live Bladed speed!
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