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    Activision H.E.R.O.

    I have this incredible urge to play H.E.R.O. again which I used to own on my MSX as a kid.

    The best solution would be to find "Activision Anthology" for GBA. It's impossible to find right now, so if anyone has it and is willing to sell/ship to NL for a reasonable price that would be gold.

    Second best solution would be to emulate it on my GBA. I have a GBA MoviePlayer V2 (CF) for it which runs PocketNES and GoomBA, so I reckon perhaps there is also an emulator for MSX, C64 or Spectrum?

    Any ideas?

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    MSX Advance is an emulator that may or may not be very good. (requires bios i think)

    And there are a couple possible emulators for Spectrum

    Or ebay may be an option?
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